***Please Note***

Due to the nature of our business and insurance liability, we are unable to have children under the age of 4 (including infants) in the tea room for tea services.  Thank you for understanding this important safety issue.


Due to the increase of card processing, a minimum of $10 is required  to use a credit card.

The 25% tariff being imposed on imported Chinese goods has caused us to increase bag prices for these teas to $8.50.

We are absorbing some of the increase so that we don't have to make the prices too high. These teas are now listed as Premium teas. 

The Afternoon and Savory teas will include the ability to order 2 pots of Premium tea with no charge (over 2 will incur a charge of $2.50 per pot).

All other services will be required to pay $2.50 a pot if ordering from the Premium Tea List.

All other teas are considered Regular and will still remain as bottomless for all services except child's and cream teas.

If the tariff is cancelled or changed, we will change or update this policy.

We have several teas that are being discontinued -- some are being tariffed but all are not as popular.  We will continue to serve them until our supply is gone.

Come In,
Relax and Have a Cuppa Tea!

We are unable to take any bill larger than a $20.  Thank you

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Walk-ins welcome, 

if space available
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